About Us


My name is Simone - wife, boy-mum of two, pharmacist and the creative behind The Palmier.

Growing up, there were a few constants in my life; my Christian faith, my family and bayside living - all of which have in some way lead me towards this venture. My faith - gave me an appreciation for every minute element of nature and its intricacy. My big Egyptian family showered me with endless love and good times but I was left with middle-child syndrome (to be expected, I am one of five) and hence often labelled ‘unique’; and where I called home, well I was fortunate enough to live by the bay so we would spend endless sunny, sandy days in my backyard, which fuelled my love for the outdoors.

Whilst I am a pharmacist by trade, I have always harboured a bursting desire to follow my instinct and creative flair into a venture that combines my real loves - the sun, ocean, outdoors and 'uniqueness' and I believe to have found that perfect synergy in The Palmier

It brings me true joy seeing my creations inject warmth in to your homes, offices and intimate celebrations. 

What you can expect to see here: original, hand-made, preserved creations that will stand the test of time. I invite you to follow along as I continue to explore my untapped creativity.  

I hope you enjoy. 

Simone. X